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Linux And Android Porting

Yocto Based Distribution Kernel Customization APP Development


Model BasDevelopment

Production Code Generation Simulink-SF-TargetLink Simulation And Prototyping


EUC Software Development

Bootloaders AUTOSAR Firmware

Welcome to Muktha Solutions

Muktha Solutions is a technology company that specializes in providing Consulting and training (Classroom and Online) for individuals and Corporates for the following industries.

Case Studies

Projects executed by our team and our expertise has been depicted in the form of case studies

Re-Engineering Techniques

How to improve Engine Management ECU performance using re-engineering techniques.

Diagnostics In Adaptive AUTOSAR

Comarative study on how OEMs can handle diagnostics in Classic and ARA.

Hardware/OS Virtualization In AUTOMOTIVE

How Hypervisors and Docker Containers can help Telematics and HMI domains to provide scalable apps

Next Generation ECU Platforms

Ecu Hardwrae and Software platforms for Autonomous Vehicles

Muktha Solutions

We are Global Engineering consulting company located in USA, India and Sweden

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